Dearly dress silhouettes

Dearly dress silhouettes

by Claire Green, Marketing Assistant/Stylist


HEY HEY BABE! If you’re wedding dress shopping, welcome to the fun! It’s a roller coaster and we can’t wait to ride it right there with ya. If you’re reading this, you might be curious what kind of dress silhouettes you’ll find with us here at Dearly Consignment Bridal. Since we sell our gowns right off the rack for you babes with shorter timelines, our inventory is constantly changing. You can check out the gowns we currently have in our store on our online lookbook here.


Here are some of the bread-and-butter silhouettes that you’ll find hanging out in our store!



Classic A-line

This one is our ride-or-die. Hugging right at the waist and then gradually flaring out from there, it is a soft, romantic silhouette that looks amazing on basically anybody. You’ll definitely find a selection of these classic gowns here at Dearly.



You know her, you love her, the iconic mermaid silhouette! Mermaid gowns are marked by a figure hugging bodice that goes to the knee, and then flairs out from there. many times, this silhouette will have a visible line where the gown comes out at the knee. This gown is for the bride who wants to show off her curves with a modern twist.


Fit n’ Flair

Similar to the mermaid gown, the fit n’ flair has a fitted bodice that hugs ya all the way down to the middle of your thigh, and then will gradually come out from there. This silhouette is classic, sexy, and you can bet we have a variety of these babies right now! Brides who are wanting to show off your curves but keep it whimsical? Look no further!



The showstoppers of all showstoppers. This gown silhouette is for the bride who wants to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. From the waist, it poofs out into a skirt that many times has layers of tulle and a material called crinoline that is the ultimate volumizer. It’s extravagant, and we can 100% guarantee allllll eyes will be on YOU!



Looking for a silhouette that is a tad more laid back? The sheath gown is screaming your name!!! A relaxed fit through the bodice that is fitted just enough to casually sit on your hips and then elegantly fall to the floor from there. This shape of gown can be dressed up to be ultra sophisticated, or can be dressed down for a more informal look (um hello, perfect elopement silhouette!)


There ya have it! 5 of our most common dress shapes you’ll find here at Dearly. Make your appointment with us here!


See?!? You’re basically a wedding dress pro now that you’ve read this. We hope to see you in our little loft SOON!



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