Everything You Need To Know About Consigning a Gown at Dearly!

Everything You Need To Know About Consigning a Gown at Dearly!

Jan 06, 2022

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re interested in consignment. Whether that interest is more specific to consigning your gown or shopping for a consignment gown, this post is going to walk you through everything you need to know about the consignment process here at Dearly! Let’s get started!



What is consignment?



Here at Dearly, consignment means that we don’t actually own your gown. You are basically loaning us your gown and we are just selling your dress for you! When someone buys your wedding dress, we get half, and YOU get half. We cut you a check right then and there, pop it in the mail and you’ll receive your moolah within the week. Pretty cool, huh?



Okay cool, now that I know what consignment is, how can I consign my gown?



Great question! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept every gown, even though we wish that we could! We are a tiny shop and we have put together a list of strict guidelines for the gowns that we choose to accept on consignment.

We choose to accept gowns that:


  • are “like new”, in “excellent condition”, or are new with original tags
  • were purchased within the past three years
  • are new with tags or have been dry-cleaned
  • are hemmed to a length that is no shorter than 5’3”
  • are from one of our approved designers


To view the list of our approved designers or to read a more in-depth version of these guidelines, click here! If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your gown and our guidelines, go ahead and shoot our manager an email at hello@dearlyconsignmentbridal.com!



Alright, my gown qualifies, what’s next?



If you’ve read through our guidelines and you’re confident that your gown qualifies, go ahead and click here to get you to our appointment menu! Scroll down until you see the Consign My Wedding Dress - Application appointment option and give that a click. Pick a day and time, fill out the pre-appointment survey and voilá, you are well on your way to consigning your wedding gown.



All booked! How can I prepare for my appointment?



Yay yay yay! We cannot wait to meet you! In the meantime, make sure that you have a copy of your original receipt and a copy of your dry cleaning receipt. Other than those two things, we will just need you and your gorgeous gown!



I have everything that I need. What can I expect at my appointment?



Woohoo! At your appointment, you and your stylist will read over our consignment agreement together and your stylist will answer any questions that you might have in the process. After that, we will have you give us some contact information, we will take copies of your paperwork and then your stylist will fill out some paperwork about your gown. The stylist will then inspect your gown and make sure that everything looks amazing! After inspecting the gown, your stylist will make the final decision about whether or not this is a gown that we will be able to accept. If we accept it, you and your stylist will agree on a price together, you’ll sign our contract and then you’ll be on your way!



I just consigned my gown, what’s next?



We’ll take it from here! After your 15 minute consignment appointment you get to sit back and relax. Immediately after accepting your gown, we tag it and put it out on the floor. We make sure that all of our stylists are informed of your gown’s arrival and we have them check it out and add it to their mental gown inventory (yes, this includes Honest in Ivory stylists as well). Our job is to show your gown to brides who we think will love it dearly enough to say yes and wear it on their big day!



My gown has been at Dearly for six months, should I drop the price?



Although we do have gowns that sell within the week, we do want to mention that some gowns take more time than others. After six months in our shop, we reach out with a (completely optional) price drop, at which point it is totally up to you if you would like to drop the price or not! You’re calling the shots here babe!



I changed my mind and want to take my gown off consignment, what should I do?



We get it! If you have a gown on consignment and you end up changing your mind, just give our shop a call and we will schedule a time for you to come and pick it up. We just need 48 hours notice and then we will have your gown waiting for you when you come to pick it up.



I just got a text that my gown sold! What’s next?


Woohoo, how exciting!! If you received a text that your gown was sold, this means that our Dearly Manager is already in the process of getting your check to you and you should receive your 50/50 split within one week!


So there it is, a step by step guide to consigning a gown at Dearly! Pretty freaking cool, right?! We absolutely love our jobs and are so proud of our little consignment shop. If you’re interested in consigning your gown with us, click the link here to book a Consign my Wedding Dress - Application appointment. If you’re interested in shopping consignment gowns, you can click here to book a Dearly Bridal appointment! We can’t wait to meet you!


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