Introducing Our Ready-to-Ship Bridal Gowns

Introducing Our Ready-to-Ship Bridal Gowns

May 25, 2023

So, you found a wedding gown you love, but you need it like RIGHT AWAY! Look no further, because we've got you covered! We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to Honest in Ivory and Dearly - Ready-To-Ship bridal gowns! Discover our curated collection of Dearly gowns, which includes designer consignment bridal gowns and stunning sample gowns from our sister store, Honest in Ivory. The best part? These gowns are ready to be purchased for your special day, and shipped to you TODAY! Let’s dive into the details!


"But how do I buy a wedding gown online?" you ask. It's easier than you might think. If you've already tried on gowns at bridal appointments but the timeline for special orders doesn't align with your desired wedding date, or if you're struggling to find a local shop that carries your desired designer or style, we've got you covered. Simply type the name of the designer and/or style you're looking for into our search bar, see if we have the size you need, and voila!


To make sizing easier for you, here's a helpful tip: bridal gown sizing differs from standard clothing sizes. Typically, you'll wear a bridal size that is 2-3 sizes up from your regular street clothes size. Additionally, remember that bridal gowns can be altered down by about 2 sizes. Let's use an example: If you usually wear a size 8 in street clothes, you'll likely be shopping for a bridal gown around a size 12. You can also explore gowns in the 14-16 range because they can be altered down by 2 sizes. So, in this case, you would be considering gowns between sizes 12-16. To ensure a lovely fit, we have included the designers' size charts with each gown. We recommend finding a local alterations specialist in your area and getting professionally measured to choose the correct size. When in doubt or if you are in between two sizes, size up because gowns can be taken in more easily than they can be let out.


Now, let's talk about shipping and alterations. Your beautiful gown will be shipped within approximately 7-10 business days. To ensure a perfect fit customized just for you, we recommend allowing at least 2 months for alterations. With our ready-to-ship option, you can be wedding ready in under 3 months! Isn't that amazing? It's like a wedding dress shopping miracle!


We can't wait to extend the same great customer service you would receive in our shop to all of our ready-to-ship bride babes. For more information on buying a gown you love dearly from our new ready-to-ship page, click the link below or reach out to us at



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