Saving Money with Consignment Bridesmaids Gowns

Saving Money with Consignment Bridesmaids Gowns

Your bestie has asked you to be in her wedding and you are over the moon excited for her! You feel honored and you simply cannot wait for her big day, but you’d be lying if you weren’t feeling a little apprehensive about how much this is all going to cost. Let’s face it, being a bridesmaid is not a cheap responsibility. According to a recent WeddingWire study, the cost of being a bridesmaid is about $1,200 per wedding . . . YUP, you read that right! Now we know you’re probably sitting there thinking, how can it possibly cost that much money, but with the dress, alterations, travel, wedding hair, wedding makeup and so much more . . . it really starts to add up!



The good news is, that here at Dearly, we accept AND sell consignment bridesmaid gowns! So whether you’re a first-time bridesmaid who is shopping for a gown or you have several weddings under your belt, we are here to help you save a lil bit of moo-lah!


Shopping for a Bridesmaids Gown at Dearly:



If you’re in the market for a bridesmaids gown and looking to save a bit of money, you’re in luck! Here at Dearly, we carry a large selection of unique designs both from our exclusive bridesmaid designer at Honest in Ivory, Sorella Vita, and consignment gowns from other dreamy designers! Our dresses are all brand new or in excellent condition and are priced at 20-60% off retail prices! Pretty sweet right?


On a tight timeline? Absolutely no worries! We have an entire rack of gowns that are available right off the rack. This means that if you find a bridesmaids gown that you love at your appointment, you can take it home that very same day!


Another great thing about our bridesmaids gowns is that they are super versatile, so they’re perfect for wedding guests, formal events and so much more!! No matter what event you’re in the market for, if you’re interested in checking out our bridesmaids gowns, click the link here to book an appointment!

Consigning your Bridesmaids Gown at Dearly:



Whether your closet is starting to make you look like you’re the main character in the movie 27 dresses or you’ve just splurged on a stunning bridesmaids gown, consigning your gown with us can help you get some of your money back!


Consignment means that we don’t actually own your gown. When you consign your gown with us, you are basically loaning us your gown and we are just selling your dress for you. When someone purchases your gorgeous gown, we cut you a check for 50% of the sale price, pop it in the mail and you’ll receive your money within the week!


We are currently accepting bridesmaids gowns that are in “excellent” or “like-new” condition and have been purchased within the past 3 years! We have a specific list of designers that we accept gowns from and we also require a copy of the original purchase receipt and proof of dry cleaning! We have a more detailed list of our consignment requirements on our website, which you can find here.


Do you have a gown that qualifies? Next step is to book a consignment appointment on our website, which we’ll link here!


Being a part of someone’s bridal party is a huge honor and we are so dang excited for you! Let us help you find a gown that is perfect for the big day and a bit kinder on your wallet ;) See you soon!!



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