Silhouette Spotlight: Mermaids

Silhouette Spotlight: Mermaids

Today, on our next episode of Silhouette Spotlight, we’ll be discussing mermaid gowns! To the untrained eye, a mermaid gown might appear identical to a fit-and-flare, and it’s true, the two styles share many similarities, including the same general figure-hugging shape; however, there are a few distinct characteristics that make a mermaid a mermaid. Let’s explore those, shall we?


First and foremost, a mermaid gown is primarily defined by a horizontal seam that hits just above the knee and continues all the way around the legs. On some dresses, such as the Tina gown which you’ll see in a moment, this seam is very obvious. On others, it is subtle and cleverly disguised by layers and detailing, and thus requires a very discerning eye to spot. The key, in the latter instance, is to seek out any strategically placed appliqués or other details which will form a line above the knee where that telling seam would otherwise be.


Another detail which you won’t typically see on a fit-and-flare gown is the occasional inclusion of a layer or two of crinoline in the bottom of the skirt. Some mermaid gowns, like Tina, will have some crinoline to add additional shape and structure to the gown in order to create that distinctive trumpet shape, which is unique to this silhouette.

But that’s enough technical jargon for now. Take a look at some of our favorite mermaid gowns and see these details we described for yourself!



Tina from the Honest in Ivory Private Collection


The first gown we are highlighting, Tina, is the perfect example of the mermaid silhouette. Tina is all that is iconic about this design, with a stunning, simple and clean look that allows the style to speak for itself. Wide straps sweep from a high back into an elegantly flowing V-neckline, while the bodice flows down the figure in clean lines and long, uninterrupted seams. The show-stopping part of this particular gown is the wide, bell-shaped skirt, which flares out dramatically from the clean seam with the help of layered tulle and crinoline, and forms an extravagant circular train.



Essie by Essence of Australia


This delightfully sexy, organic-inspired dream of a dress will be the talk of your wedding day. The delicate mermaid silhouette is pure enchantment, with a soft yet voluminous skirt that flares into a scalloped train with sparkly botanical appliqués throughout. Dainty beaded straps extend to the back of the gown, with a low keyhole detail at the base of the open back. If you look closely, you can see that distinctive mermaid seam just above the knee, outlined by strategically placed floral appliqués, which is what makes Essie a true mermaid. This gown is ivory lace over a rum-colored gown, which makes the lace appliqués pop even more.



Cassandra by Calla Blanche


This gown is the ultimate combination of stunning vintage yet refreshingly modern elements. A dramatic plunging neckline is offset by dainty cap sleeves which curl back in a flourish of graphic, art deco-inspired lace appliques, and the illusion back is both suggestive and flattering without being too revealing. This particular gown mimics the seamless, figure-hugging look of a fit-and-flare, while still maintaining a distinctive mermaid design. The skirt is constructed with transparent tulle without any crinoline underlayers and cascades into a sumptuous train, bedecked with striking graphic lace appliques encircling the hem.



Dior by Martina Liana


Exquisite, elegant, opulent. Dior by Martina Liana exemplifies all that is alluring about couture wedding dresses. Featuring a classic sweetheart neckline, the curve-hugging corset-style bodice flatters the figure, while exposed boning in the back makes for a sensational statement. If all this wasn’t luxurious enough, this gown also includes detachable long sleeves to create two entirely different looks. Of all the gowns featured today, Dior is undoubtedly the most deceptive when it comes to silhouette. At first glance, it very closely resembles a fit-and-flare, but you’ll find upon closer examination, the subtle seam is just barely visible among all the floral appliqués.


Indeed, mermaid gowns come in all forms and designs. It is a classic silhouette, an iconic look, the type of style that endures through the decades and will pack just as much punch twenty years from now as it will on your wedding day. If a fitted gown is your thing, you really can’t go wrong with a mermaid silhouette. It’s designed to make you look your best, emphasizing natural lines and curves, and creating that unforgettable bridal image with enviable ease.


If any of these gowns appeal to your sense of style, or if you’re interested in exploring the rest of our inventory, go ahead and book your appointment HERE! We’ll see you soon!