What is Consignment?

What is Consignment?

Jun 03, 2021

by Claire Green, Marketing Assistant/Stylist


Great question! This term is thrown around all the time for thrift stores, Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, all that good stuff, but what does it actually mean?!


No, we are not a bridal thrift store! We are a little bit different…


1. We don’t own your gown

WHAT?! You don’t? Nope. When you bring in your gown to consign with us, we don’t give you money on the spot. You are basically loaning us your gown we are just selling your dress for you! When someone buys your wedding dress, we get half, and YOU get half. We cut you a check then and there, and you’ll receive your moolah in the mail. Kinda a cool gig, huh?!


2. We don’t accept every gown

We aren’t a donation center! In this case, being picky pays off. We don’t accept or deny dresses based on whether or not the dress is beautiful— it 100% is. We choose to accept consignment gowns based on excellent condition (or brand new condition), recent styles, and what we have seen sell in our store. We want the next bride who gets to wear your gown to receive a like-new gown that they can dearly love, just like you dearly loved yours.


3. You’ll get some moolah back!

Again, we are selling the gown FOR you, not buying the gown FROM you, make sense?? When you come in to consign your dress, if it is accepted, we will agree on a price together, and you’ll receive half of what we sell it for. Ah-mazing. When you donate your dress, you are guaranteed not getting your money back. When you consign, you have a possibility of getting some dough! We know you spent money, time, and energy in picking that dress. Why not get something back?!


We hope this clears things up a little… This is what sets us apart from our sister store, Honest in Ivory—you consign with us, and brides get to buy your dress and take it home the SAME DAY! That’s a pretty good deal if you ask us;) Click here to book an appointment to consign your wedding dress with us!



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