Why consign your dearly loved wedding gown?

Why consign your dearly loved wedding gown?

Apr 15, 2021

By Claire Green, Marketing Assistant/Stylist


So, you’ve just had the most magical day, wearing the most BEAUTIFUL gown, and you just can’t stop looking at the pictures. That stunning gown is now hanging in the back of your closet, (and you’re not planning on another wedding anytime soon,) so now what?!


We got you, babe.


We take consignment gowns that are in excellent condition, (check out all of our qualifications here) and we give them a whole new life, letting them be dearly loved x2.


But what’s the point, you ask? We totally get it. You’re thinking you might want to pull that baby out in a few years and try it on for kicks and giggles, or maybe you want to keep it so your daughter will wear it on her wedding day??


Here’s why consigning your gown is a great gig:


1. $$$$$

Need we say more? When you consign with us at Dearly, you are 100% part of the deal. Once we agree upon a sale price together, and we sell it, we cut you a check for 50% of the price we sold it for. Pretty dang awesome, huh?? We can bet you dropped some moolah on that beautiful gown of yours, so why not make a little back, right?


2. Saving the planet, duh!

For all of us tree huggers and earth lovers out there, consignment is super duper eco-friendly. You’re giving your dress another life, cutting down on fabric waste and the impact of brand new manufacturing. Why the heck not save the world while making a little money??


3. You’re helping other brides find their dream dress

Consigning your dearly loved dress lets it be ‘dearly loved’ all over again by brides who have a tighter budget, or a tighter timeline. We’ve had brides come in and say they’re getting married in 24 hours and because of our lovely consigners, we are able to get them an absolutely STUNNING wedding dress in no time at all. SO. COOL.


4. You’re supporting a local, woman-owned, small business

We’re still pinching ourselves that we were able to open during a pandemic and fill the need we saw in our community. Consigning with us means you’re supporting a bunch of boss babes who are passionate about local brides and their stories. We couldn’t be more grateful that you’re right there with us.


So, there ya have it. Four reasons why consigning at dearly is pretty freakin great. If we’ve convinced you, you can make a consignment appointment here. If we haven’t convinced you, that’s okay too. We still love ya, thanks for sticking with us<3


We appreciate you dearly!!! (okay, okay, cheesy, we know)



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