Why we love micro weddings and elopements

Why we love micro weddings and elopements


A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They can still feature time honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. We love that weddings are going back to being more centered around the couple. Whether it’s in the forest, at a typical venue, in the mountains, we’re here for it and fully support it.


  • Intimacy
  • Budget
  • Bride/Groom Focus
  • More meaningful experiences
  • Coordinating destinations is easier



1.The intimacy

Micro weddings and elopements are much more intimate simply because there are less people. You get to focus more on the little details rather than pleasing everyone at your wedding. If you don’t enjoy being center of attention, less guests means less eyes on you. Let’s face it, the idea of standing up in front of a packed room of your friends and family can feel a bit daunting. With less guests around you, and only your very nearest and dearest present, you can relax knowing you won’t feel uncomfortable on your big day.



2. They can be budget friendly

With more people at your wedding, your budget has to stretch further and further. An intimate wedding gives you more flexibility when it comes to your budget. And it means you can afford to spend more on the things that are important to you and or get creative with your choice of venues.



3. YOU are the focus

Weddings have become less and less about the couple getting married and more about the experience you give your guests. With an elopement or micro wedding, the focus becomes more about you and your boo and less about the party.



4. Spending WAY MORE time with your guests

It’s no secret that when you have a ton of guests at your wedding you don’t get to spend a ton of time with each person. With less guests, you and your partner get to spend more time with each person, so you won’t leave your wedding feeling bad you didn’t spend enough time with your people.



5. Create a meaningful experience for your guests

While you’re thinking about adding those meaningful touches, do so for your guests, too. You could do little things like write handwritten notes to every guest to place at their seat, or hand-painting each invitation instead of having them printed. It’s much easier to add those really special touches for 12 people than it is for 200! And since you’ve gone through the trouble of narrowing your guest list down so far, you’re guaranteed to have a super-close connection to every guest, making those little touches all the more meaningful.



6. Destinations are more feasible with less guests to coordinate

It is much easier to do a destination wedding when there are less people involved because there are less people you have to coordinate. Less lodging options to figure out and less bodies to wrangle. This is ideal!


So, there you have it, 6 reasons why we love micro weddings and elopements!



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