Your wedding is over . . . now what?

Your wedding is over . . . now what?

So your wedding is over and you had the most magical day. You wore your dream gown and married the dreamiest person. Now your GORGEOUS gown is sitting in your closet and you’re wondering what’s next. Don’t worry, we gotchu! Whether you want to keep your gown looking as wonderful as it did that night, you want to consign your gown and give it another life, or you want to mold your gown into something you could wear again, we’ve laid out some of your options in this post!



1. Heirlooming:



If you’re looking to preserve the magic and beauty of your gown, heirlooming is the service for you! We scoured Spokane, and the internet, for the best solution for brides who wish to clean, repair, and then preserve their gown and as a result, we partnered with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company! This company uses environmentally friendly and organic products to preserve your gown and avoid any yellowing! They’ve even got a 100-year warranty that protects against any yellowing from the day it’s preserved. Pretty freaking cool right? Plus we’ve made the process super easy peasy! All you have to do is book a heirlooming appointment on our website, bring in your gown, go over any stains or repairs you want to have made during the preservation process and then wait 3-10 weeks for your preserved gown to be sent right to your door! Oh and did we forget to mention that we offer a $50 discount to our brides who buy their gown from us?! If you are interested in heirlooming your gown, click here to book an appointment with us!



2. Consigning your gown:



If you don’t have any interest in preserving your gown and you’d rather give it another life, you should definitely consign your gown with us. If your gown qualifies for consignment, you will book a consignment appointment where we will agree on a price for your gown! Upon the sale of your gown, we will send you a check for half of the sale price! WHOA! Not only does this give you an opportunity to make some money back on the gorgeous gown that you spent a good chunk of change on, but it is also SO great for the environment (I mean, who doesn’t love a sustainable queen)?! As if that wasn’t enough, consigning your gown also means that you’re helping another bride find their dream gown at a discounted price, all while supporting a local, woman-owned and women-operated business. We might be a little biased, but that sounds like a whole lot of wins to us! If you are interested in consigning your gown with us, click here to book a consignment appointment!



3. Repurposing your gown:



If the previous two ideas have yet to peak your interest, you should consider re-purposing your gown into something that you could be used/worn more regularly. Maybe your gown could be altered into a cocktail dress or a tea length gown that could be re-worn on anniversaries, special events or for a vowel renewal. If this is something that you are interested in, we would recommend calling a local seamstress/alteration specialist! If you’re in the Spokane area, we are actually partnered with an INCREDIBLE alterations specialist who just might be able to help you out! Feel free to give us a call at (509) 474 - 1183 for inquiries! We’ve even see people cut up their gowns and make them into tote bags, lingerie, robes, throw pillows, Christmas stockings . . . the internet is swimming with creative possibilities!



4. Donating your gown:



Another great option is donating your gown. If donating your gown is something that you are interested, we would highly recommend donating it to Brides for a Cause! This nonprofit organization is wonderful. They collect and resell wedding dresses and resell them to support charity. To date, Brides for a Cause has recycled over 23,000 wedding dresses and given over $1,400,000 to charity since 2012, so freaking cool! Brides for a Cause is always accepting wedding dresses year-round from brides all over the US! They are accepting wedding dresses that are 5 years and newer! If this is something that you’re interested in, click here for more information.


Well, there it is! Four incredible ideas for what you can do with your wedding gown after your wedding day! If you have any questions about these options or about anything else, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!


xo, Dearly Consignment Bridal